Friday, August 9, 2013


For our 5th blog challenge we were asked to come up with 3 potential people that we would be interested in interviewing and come up with 5-10 questions that we would ask.
The three people I have chosen to  interview were Ben Cooley, Dr. Fochtman, and Dr. Ludvico.
I went ahead and interviewed Ben Cooley who is a 5th year forensic science and law student.
Below are the questions I asked Ben during the interview and the answers I got back:

1.Q- How did you end up here at Duquesne?
   A- Ben lived in Pittsburgh and heard about Duquesne's progam and decided that he didn't want to go
        far for college.

2.Q- What are you doing now?
   A- Ben has been working in a DNA lab analyzing enzymes in blood.

3.Q- What made you decide to study forensic science and law?
   A- Ben has liked Biology and Physics growing up.

4.Q- After you're done with the 5 year program what do you plan on doing?
   A- Ben's answer was "I don't know."

5.Q- Is grad  school worth it (staying the 5th year)?
   A- The forensic science and law program is a 5 year program, but Ben said yes, it's a good working

6.Q- When you started college did you know that you wanted to go to grad school?
   A- Again the program Ben is in is a 5 year program, but Ben wants to eventually get a PhD.

All in all, I enjoyed interviewing Ben because he is a forensic science and law student, which is what I plan on eventually doing and it also gave me someone else's opinion on the program other than my co-mentor Leah, who is also in the program starting her 4th year.

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