Monday, August 5, 2013

Blog Challenge #5

Part 1:

Two Fridays ago was the undergraduate research symposium I had a good time during the symposium and got to see many different research. We first heard talks from multiple people from Duquesne and places like the University of Pittsburgh. There was also a keynote speaker from the university of Pittsburgh and he talked about water declination. I thought he research was very interesting; he like me also used computer simulations to do his research so I thought it was a nice consequence that we both used computers for our simulations. Once we heard about some of the student’s research we ate lunch then got the chance to explore and look at different people's poster and ask questions about their work. There were two hour-long sessions of poster presentations. The even numbers went from 2-3 and the odd numbers went 3-4. My poster was an odd so I went the second hour, which wasn’t as busy and crowded as the first hour.  I personally only got to talk to two people about my project but i had good conversations with those two people. I wouldn't of minded talking to more people about my research but I was fine with two.  I also went to about 10 different posters myself and talked to people about their research. My mom also came to the symposium so I was having her meet some of the people I worked with over the summer and the people I’ve been around since I was here. I showed her most the SEED students’ projects and let her get to know more about the program. Overall I had a great time at the research symposium and i had a ton of fun.
Part 2:
3 people to interview...
 Dr. Madura
 Dr. Wheeler
 Dr. Evansack 

How did you get to where you are today?
What type of schooling did you go through?
How many years did school take you?
Have you taught at any other universities?
Did you do any research in high school or college?

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