Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Challenge #4

Yesterday was the SEED celebration day.  A lot of people came to the event ranging from former SEED students to a head of an organization.  I thought the event went well and everybody had a good time at the event.  Multiple people spoke at the event, SEED students presented, even former SEED students talked about their experiences.

I personally thought my presentation was OK, it wasn't as smooth as i would've liked it to go but i thought i presented fine. I thought Charlie and Emily presentations were fantastic. To make my it even better i think i could've not of jumble my words up as much. I thought i could've of presented more smoothly and just take my time during the presentation and slow down a bit. I think  rushed myself a bit so i tried to speak faster and just jumbled my words.

I learned a lot from the former SEED students i thought they said some valuable things. Such as taking more then the just the research from this experience and take as much as you can from this experience.  They also mention that in retrospect SEED was a great experience and that us students should try to pursue everything possible.

Christopher Sidun, who was a former SEED student who also worked with Dr. Madura and i just talked to him about his research and my research.

I also talked to the ACS pittsburgh chapter chairman Tabitha ????, i dont remember her last name, but i talked her about SEED, college, what i'm interested in taking in college.

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