Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Challenge #4

Where do I begin, yesterday at the Project Seed Day Celebration me and my fellow SEEDlings presented the 1st years went then came the 2ed year members went. I was the second to present after my fellow member Melissa who works in Dr, Wheelers lab. In my belief I didn’t do quit well I thought that I talked horrendously slow and was talking up to much time what was a minute and half or so turned into 5 minutes in my head. I felt like I was rumbling through my work, and forgot to say one thing about my project. But after the event had ended I walked back barefooted (because I was wearing heels) with Charles we got to the elevator to go up to the third floor in Mellon hall, we commended each other on how great the others presented. He told me that I really didn’t talk as slow as it felt and that I really gave detail and I looked like I really knew my material and that I explained everything in detail, and I told him how great of a presentation he gave and how he seemed like it was easier up in front of people rather then in front of us..

During this event I learned more about each on of my SEEDlings projects. And that I can actually speak in front of people that I don’t know. I also learned that my fellow members of SEED have some interesting projects. Kelly’s doing stuff with GSR on the SEM, Melissa is building molecules, Deion is make proteins and Charle is trying to find something with C.jijuni. I learned some good schools for Geology and also Some history About my little town from a guy who’s dad lived in McKees Rocks.

I meet some intrusting people there I meet Charles sister Candice Thornton, whom shares the same major I want to go into Geology. We talked about what kind of field there is in geology about how she went to see volcanoes in Utah. I meet I guy named Philip Clark, who’s father lived in McKees Rocks and how he has a book The History Of McKees Rocks and that his father has his picture in it. The third person I meet was Fio-Min and older Chinese lady we Talked about where I was from and what my project was on and about Project SEED. The last person I met was an Older man his name was Manny Miller, we all had a conversation about how his friend was a geologist and how his friend goes to Mexico once a year to look at these caves and the rocks nestled inside. But he hasn’t seen his friend in 7 years. Before I forget we also met the lady from Bayer she commented on how well Emily, Kelly, Melissa, and I presented. She also gave us this really cool pen with the periodic table in side of it.

(: Below are some of the pictures that I took from the Project SEED Day Celebration :)

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