Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blog Challenge #2

Our blog challenge was to take action photos (below) of each other, and with or partner Write a bio of each other.

Melissa working in her cubical on her computer.

Deion working in his project in the computer lab.

Kelly mixing water and acetone
Charlie picking chemicals
Emilie working on the Scanning Electron Microscope
My partner for this challenge was Melissa Fowkes. She's 16 and a junior at Sto-Rox High School. She is currently living in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Her interest in science is BioMedical Engineering. She always didn't have an interest in the engineering field, though. When she was younger she wanted to be an Entomologist and study insects, but her cousin who works at the University of Pittsburgh influenced her curiosity. Her project is working with the organic molecule P-Benzosemiquinone neutral radical. Density Functional Theory calculations were performed on it. She compares her results to experimental results of others. GaussView5 and Linux operating systems are some of the computer programs she uses to view the vibration frequencies of PBQ. The colleges she is interesting in applying to is John Hopkins University or the University of Pittsburgh. She wants to study BME. Her words on the project she is currently doing are, "It could be more exciting, but I like what I'm doing."

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