Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Challenge #2

For our second blog challenge we were told to take action shots of the other five Project SEED students while engaged in their projects. The photos can be viewed below. We were also assigned partners to interview and my partner was Kelly Pesta. Kelly is from Boardman, Ohio and will be going into her Junior year of high school. She is 16 years old and says that science is one of her favorite subjects. Her project is on the identification of organic gunshot residue. She told me how she wanted to go into Forensics after high school and I think that her project will be extremely helpful with her future endeavors!

Kelly Pesta creating her dilutions and properly cleaning her equipment

Cheyenne Simmons removing the solvent from her crystal mixture

Deion Grant creating a PGN file

Melissa Fowkes as she reviews vibrational frequencies for C6H5O2

Charles Thornton selecting a buffer to use for cell lysis

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