Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Challenge #4

        Celebration of Project SEED day was yesterday and was a formal meeting with former SEED students, SEED alumni, and many very important people involved. There were presenters that included the SEED alumni, former SEED students, and part of the professionals who attended the meeting. Ther SEED I students were asked to give a 2 minute presentation of what their project is about and the SEED II students were asked to give a 10 minute speech.
        Since I am a SEED I student, I only had to give the 2 minute presentation, which was both good and bad. It was good because I wouldn't have to speak very long, but it was also bad bacause I feel like I didn't get to share all the information I should have for the audience there to understand my topic. But I do feel that my presentation went very well, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be, and adding a little sentence before my speech to make the crowd laugh loosened nerves and helped me present better. I would have improved the way I spoke throughout my speech though. I felt like I talked at a fast pace and the crowd couldn't keep up as well as I wanted them too. What I would have done differently, as I said before, slow down the pace that I talked, so everyone could keep up and follow along to what I'm saying.
        I learned many things during this event. The first thing I learned was, making small little jokes doesn't hurt anything, it only makes the presentation better. I also learned that there is no need to get nervous before a speech because if you practice as many times as I did, then the speech will go very smooth and exactly the way you practiced it.
        I cant't exactly remember the names of all the poeple I met and interacted with, but I know they were very nice and said I did a wonderful job presenting. One of the men who I met and interacted with actually sat beside me. He was an older man who was very interested in where I came from, how I ended  up at Duquesne, and the classes I enjoy in school. He was a middle aged man with galsses and a nice suit on, so he must have been important. He asked me what I want to go into once I graduate high school and if I'm interested in math and different types in science. I also met a woman from ACS who I actually met before the presentations and introduced herself to the SEED students. She was a very nice woman who also asked me how I ended up at Duquesne, how I found out about Poject SEED, an the classes that I'm interested in school.
        All in all, yesterday was a day that will be remembered,  not only because it was my first official formal presentation infront of many importat people, but because I am proud of myself for doing such a great job during my presenation and I was able to inform people of what I do here at Project SEED.

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