Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Challenge #4

                Yesterday was the first celebration of Project SEED we have ever had here at Duquesne University.  This celebration was put together to really exxagerate how great Project SEED is and how it really does help kids in their future endeavors. A few of the Project SEED alumni were brought back to talk about how Project SEED has helped them and how it has influenced their career paths. The current SEED students were also asked to present. The year one students had to give a brief sumarry of their project, whereas the second year students(Charlie and I) had to give a 10 minute presentation about their projects.

I feel that the presentation I gave yesterday could have been much better. I feel that I did really well at our group meeting and it gave me a lot of confidence about the whole public speaking ordeal. However, when we got there, I saw how many people there were and I started to feel the pressure. Not to mention that everyone who presented before me did a fantastic job! That was my first time speaking in front of a large group of people with such a high stature. I remember just sitting there during Charlie’s presentation knowing that I was next up to the podium as I tried to keep myself from shaking.
If I were able to go back and do it all over again I would have done it way differently. I could tell that my voice sounded a bit shaky yesterday and I wish I would have stopped myself to calm down and take a deep breath. I feel that if I would have done that my whole presentation would have flowed a lot better and I wouldn’t have spoken so quickly.  I know that as I went through my PowerPoint there were a few things I forgot to mention that I probably should have. After I messed up a few times I became really nervous and I was so focused on getting it done and over with. I was pretty disappointed in myself about that and I just wish that I would have done as well as I did during our group meetings.                                                                 \
 Overall, I think I learned more about myself than from what the other people were presenting. I realized that presenting in front of all those people shouldn’t have been something to be nervous about. It’s just too bad that I didn’t come to that actualization sooner! It was still a great learning experience for me and I know that I will be better prepared in the future for when I have to speak in front of a group like that again. I feel that not a lot of people get to experience something like this and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity.  

Everyone that I met at the SEED celebration yesterday was incredibly nice to me. They all only had nice things to say. A few actually gave me advice on the career I am thinking of pursuing. The two that I remember the most were Kristine Olejar(not sure if that is spelled right) and the grad student from Carnegie Mellon University. Kristine is actually a student here at Duquesne and she will be in her 5th year in the pharmacy program they have here. It was really cool that I got to talk to her about that considering that could be a possible career for me one day. I actually found out that we live on the same street! I can't believe she has lived there my whole life and I have never even seen her before! So I thought that was really awesome that I got to meet her. The grad student from CMU was also really helpful. We discussed my future and what I plan on doing after high school. She gave me suggestions for colleges in case I decide to become a nurse practitioner rather than going into pharmacy.

I feel that the Project SEED celebration was an amazing idea. We were able to experience our first time of public speaking, see how previous SEED students benefited from the program, and got to make connections with many of the important people who attended yesterday. I know that I would love to come back in a few years and give public speaking another shot and hopefully be able to help the future generations of SEED students. To conclude blog challenge #4, I hope you all have a beautiful day and amazing weekend! :)

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