Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jordan Pestok 7/9/15

Today I put the peptides VAAF, YGGFL, and APRLRFYS in 10 mL of methanol. Then I looked at the peptides in the mass spec. After that, I looked at each of the peptides with sodium and then again with lithium. The peptide APRLRFYS did not work out so well probably because it did not mix well with the methanol or because there was not enough of the peptide. So then I mixed VAAF and YGGFL with sal and looked at those. I looked at the new peptides with sodium. Finally, I added lithium and looked at the peptides again. Once I fragmented the parent peak for each one I looked at the highest peak then fragmented that peak until I was unable to do it anymore. Tomorrow I will work on my presentation and abstract.

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