Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blog challenge #2

1. What did you get Your Ph.D in?
2.When did you begin teaching?
3.What are some of the classes you teach?
4. What are some of the groups your affiliated with?
5. What studies have you done here in Pittsburgh by yourself, or with students?
6. Who is working in your lab this summer?
7.Have they all taken any of your classes?
8.Are they all participating in the Symposium?
9. Who helps with you in Analytic Chemistry?
10. Were you worried when we were having problems with the SEM?

Dr. Stephanie Wetzel is a professor at Duquesne University. She has her Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry. She began teaching here at Duquesne back in 2004. She teaches a variety of class including Analytical Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry Lab, and various other course here at Duquesne. She is a member of the SSP (Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh), and also the ACS (American Chemical Society). Dr.Wetzel has done various studies within Pittsburgh with students on GSR, on its examination, and transfer. Dr. Wetzel has three students working in her lab this summer for the Duquesne Symposium next week. Mike, Mary, and Sarah have all had Dr. Wetzel for the Forensic chemistry Lab. Holly, and Logan often help Dr. Wetzel with the Analytical chemistry work. They are graduate students. Dr. Wetzel is a really cool and awesome mentor when we I was having problems with the SEM she would stay later after I was gone to try, and work out what she could. Dr. Wetzel is an amazingly dedicated person who strives to make others better.

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