Friday, July 24, 2015

Stephen Lau - July 24, 2015

     So today I had my mentor to look at the two systems I ran alanine scanning on and the data continues to seem irrelevant to the experimental data so I ran in again with different forcefields and option which MOE had.  I successfully ran alanine scanning on 2MD again 3 times today each performing differently from the rest.  I also was finally was able to work on my poster because the error which kept popping up and preventing me from using the outline was that LaTeX, the program I use was out of date so I had to update that.  I have most of my information already for it so I just have to finish up my results and see if there is any relevance to the experimental work for the results or just assume that performing alanine scanning computationally is more difficult than we imagine...

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