Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cheyeanne Perez 7/14/15 Summary

Today Kelly came in to see all of us and we hung out. I asked Kasey for help on shortening my abstract because it was a couple words to long, then went for Chinese food. When I got back I ran my corrects of my abstract to my mentor and he corrected the corrections and I sent my abstract in and made reservations for me and my family for the symposium. Then I talked to someone in my lab about what I have to do being I have ethanol in my samples, and I have to run a gel then preform a ethanol precipitate to remove it. Now I have a meeting with my lab at 3:30 so I really wont be doing much because the gel will take to long to run I wont finish it before the meeting.

22 days down : 18 left

12 until the symposium

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