Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This being my first year of Project SEED I was a little bit nervous on my first day. Although, I was extremely excited to meet my professor and mentors that will be helping me throughout my time spent here at Duquesne. On my first day, all of the SEED students went through safety training. It helped inform me about a lot of the signs posted around the chemistry department that I wouldn't have recognized otherwise. The lab group that I'll be working with all summer has some of the nicest people in it. My main mentor, Kim, has the same bubbly attitude as I do so it is great talking with her. Especially because she explains everything in an easy an understanding way if I don't understand something right away. My second mentor, Joe, organized a folder for me with suggestions, meeting times, and overall just things that would help me out, which was extremely nice of him. Today, I was trained to use the SEM, which is a scanning electron microscopy. What the machine does is, it uses an electron beam to form magnified images of a specimen. At first I was a little uneasy about using the machine because I didn't want to damage anything but it actually ended up being pretty simple to use. I am very excited to see what I'll be doing in the next few weeks here! :)

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