Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Challenge #2

1. What type of cosmetic benefits will there be if we are able to mutate the NapA?
2. How are we going to get rid of the insertion loops from the NapA inside C. jejuni?
3. Why are we focused on the reaction of the molybdenum enzymes if we mainly care about the NapA?
4. Are we able to use a zwitterionic detergent as a way to stabilize the NapA?
5. Why do we mainly care about the Histidine Amino Acid above all the other ones?
6. How does the Bradford machine work?
7. Why is it necessary for us to use pure Ethanol when we are straining the bacteria on the Agar plates when we are just gonna mix it with water anyways?
8. What does the R. spaeroides have to do with our project?
9. Will I get the chance to use the Mass Spectrometer or see an example of a sample that comes out successful?
10. What is the next step after we are able to mutate the NapA inside the C. jejuni?

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