Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First week-Project SEED

Being that this is my first year participating in Project SEED, I am both extremely excited and incredibly anxious. I feel very priveleged to have the opportunity to join the Project SEED family.  I am very familiar with the Project SEED program because of its close affiliation with Sto-Rox High School and my colleague Josh Lucas. When Josh asked me to possibly take over, I quickly responded with an enthusiastic yes, completely disregarding potential issues with working in the summer and finding a babysitter for my now 13-month old son. Thankfully, arrangements were made and I was now able to put my focus on the Project SEED summer of 2012.

My first week without the students was completely overwhelming. I was given countless articles to read and reread and reread and ask questions about and reread and read again. I am just a Biology guy, so some of the chemistry in these articles required me to conjure up my chem knowledge from about 10 years ago. Luckily, with the help of some outstanding grad students, I am slowly but surely ascertaining the knowledge I am going to need to present said reasearch in a couple months. TO BE CONTINUED...

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