Tuesday, August 2, 2011

These last two weeks....

There's always a lot to do. There's the pressure to finish everything before the summer is over (and of course for Denver), but everyone's also really excited to be done and have one week off before school starts.
I have to present again on Thursday, but I haven't had time to gather more results since I've been away at band camp. Last week was really crazy I heard though. But my days pretty much consisted of meals and practicing. Then on Friday I came back for the symposium. We sat in on some speakers, some of them we're really interesting. There was one girl who's project was about pandemics. She was trying to see if there was a way to predict the rise of diseases by looking at the thermometer sales, doctor visits and medicine sales. When I was talking to her about it afterwards though she said it was hard to make models to predict future pandemics when the models for the past weren't informative and it was hard to know how accurate the information was.
There was another person who did a project on the the pressure that's put on bovine heart valves when they're pregnant. The valves in the heart realign themselves while the cow is pregnant in order to compensate for all the pressure and blood.
After all the speakers were done we had lunch with our families, grad students and professors. Other Project SEED kids came from West Virginia to present at our symposium too. I didn't get a chance to go to their posters, but I presented to one of the girls and their mentor.
I feel like this year at SEED I did a lot better at the symposium. More people came to my poster and while I explained it to them, I feel like the language was more fluent.
After my hour was over I walked around to look at the other posters. I talked to the girl who did the pandemic project and then to a few posters that were about physics. There was one grad student from Pitt that was trying to finish filling in the Standard Model of Elementary Particles, specifically with Quarks. Physics is something that I've been thinking about majoring in and it seems like a good choice based on what she said. It's a major where women are a minority...so I hope that means I'll have good opportunities in it.

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