Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Blog Challenge :(

Interview with Kim

How did you arrive at Duquesne University?
Undergraduate research and wanted to be close to family.

Did you always want to be a chemist?
No, got offered a position in lab and always wanted to be a teacher.

What do you like most about your job?
I always have something new to do everyday.

What don't you like?
It's hard, so basically the pressure and the stress.

Do you have any regrets or missteps?
No, I'm pretty satisfied with everything.

Where is it that your actually from?
Beaver Dell, PA.. where the sinking school was.

Did you ever study abroad?
I didn't, I came from a poor family so really couldn't afford but someone else in my lab does and I just look at her pictures and picture me being there.

Would you do anything different?
Travel more so I can have spring breaks in other countries and also have a summer because I don't have that now.

How many years of school do you have left?
Starting my 3rd year now, and have 3 more to go.

Did you enjoy your summer with Mr. Lucas being in your lab?
Of course!!

Will you be back here next year?
Oh yes, I'm stuck here now.

Quote from Kim "THINGS WORK OUT" no matter what the situation may be :)
Thanks Kim for your time, hope to see you again next year!

Last words from me, project seed has been an awesome experience so happy I did it and I hope to be back next year! GOODBYE :)

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