Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Overall Reflection of Project SEED.

Project SEED has helped me notice that I will definitely need to go to college to pursue my career and also that college won't be that expensive because of scholarships, financial aid, etc. As we went on field trips I seen all the different scientists and how successful they are with their career and I want that to be me one day. Project SEED has affected my decisions and choices a lot and I'm glad I did this program this summer, it was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to see that I can accomplish my dreams as long as I stay on task and do what I have to do. Anything is POSSIBLE!

My first summer as a SEED student I learned about amino acids, proteins, cations and anions and how the amino acid effects the ions. We did different things such as, created saltboxes using the different computer programs like VMD and running them through the supercomputer to find more info on them.

I really liked project seed, it really boost my confidence of becoming what I want to be. Hopefully I can do this program next year again. Meeting and working with the other SEED kids was the best, I hope we can stay in touch. I want to thank all the donors for letting us have a chance to experience this, you're greatly appreciated. I'd like to thank Mary Krawczak, my professor Dr. Madura and Tim for helping me this summer with all my work, you guys were a big help. Mr. Lucas and Dr. Aitken, I can't forget about to guys, you also were a great help and I'd like to thank you too for creating this program and making it possible to do productive and important things over the summer break. Finally, I'd like to thank Duquesne University for letting us be here for the summer to experience a great thing such as this. With nothing else to be said, I'd just like to thank everyone for everything. BYE!!!! :)

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