Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Symposium Stress

Many Sto-Rox kids are going to be leaving for band camp next week, (actually all the Sto-Rox kids will be leaving for band camp except me). They are really stressed out, because they have to get their posters, and panels finished by this Friday, but I believe in them. At first, I didn't really care, because I still have a week to do my PowerPoint and panels, but yesterday when I started working on my panels I realized that this is a big deal to me, and started feeling the pressure. I'm really sad that the symposium is so soon, and my results aren't turning out how they would if they were right. My lab sent my mutations for sequencing to find out if the mutation worked, and when we received the paper showing our DNA sequence it didn't seem like my mutations worked, but it was hard to tell. We decided to send them back, because they could have worked in the reverse so now I have to wait to find out that. Also, I can't do anymore mutations right now, because we ran out of plates and they didn't come in yet. This is just a bad week for me. Hopefully I will get some good news to put into my symposium panels and Power Point by the end of this week, or at least before the symposium. I also hope the plates come in soon, but who knows. I'm trying to stay positive. as they would say in Japanese, "Ganbatte!!"

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