Sunday, July 25, 2010

Field Trips Galore!

This week, we had two field trips back to back. On Thursday, we went to PPG's Monroeville branch. We were able to see some of the projects they are working on, such as photochromics and Teslin paper. Later, a chemical engineer came to talk to us about different jobs you can have with a chemistry degree, something very helpful to all of us SEED students. It was such a wonderful experience.

On Friday, all of the senior SEED students took a trip to Washington and Jefferson College. One of the admissions counselors talked to us about applying for student aid, and what colleges look for. This is very helpful, as all of us will be applying to colleges in just a few short months. From there, we had a tour guide take us on a walking tour of campus. Sydney and I immediately fell in love with it. Next was our amazing lunch, and finally a tour of the brand new science building, fully equipped with all the newest technology. The trip was great. I now have a new college to consider! and to think I would have never known about Washington and Jefferson if it wern't for Project Seed!


  1. They were both really good trips. And the giant statues of Washington and Jefferson made the trip even better! Mary fell in love with the statues at first sight and was set on getting her picture with them. I was surprised to find out that PPG made the chemicals for the transition lenses (which I own) and owns half of the Transition company.