Friday, July 16, 2010

Joseph Glorioso

Today we went to listen to a professor talk about his work in microbiology. It was really informative, but I guess not too interesting for me since that's not really a field I'm looking into. Most of it was biology related, but I learned that a lot of scientists will make a stretch to get funding for their research. A lot of the information on the internet isn't always as accurate as scientists make it seem. I also learned that when you get you PhD and start doing your own research, that that's exactly what it is your research. It's all your responsibility to figure out what you're doing, who's doing it with you, what you need, and how to fund all of it. Being in charge is also the good part though, because you do get to make all those choices and you end up being you're own motivation(and boss) and in the end it can lead to a lot of opportunities.

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