Thursday, June 23, 2011

blog challenge#1

Ooops -_- I forgot about this. But anyway My name is Chelsea Weidaw and I am going to be a junior at Sto-Rox High school. I live in a kinda small town called McKees Rocks right outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
This summer I really hope too accomplish a lot. I hope to find out what kind of hard working person I really am and to see if I can make it through the hard times of college work. I know this isn't going to be easy, but if Mr. Lucas didn't think i could do it i wouldn't be here. So I believe in myself to accomplish many things this summer. I hope to expand my vocabulary and not use the same boring works I do.
So my first impressions of project seed were that omg..this is gonna take up my whole summer i am not gonna have a life and this is going to be so hard. But now that i am a couple days into this project i am feeling comfortable and i am ready to see what things i am going to learn. I'm really excited. So i think what im going to be working on is some kind of analyzing of hairs and seeing if i can pull chemicals from the hair and figure out what it is. maybe. But i am going to be working a lot with the instrument called GC/MS..
Well thats all, let the summer begin :)

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