Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sarine McKenzie- 8/3 through 8/5

My apologies, I haven't done a blog since last week. So I've basically been doing the same thing everyday so far this week. On Monday, I worked on my research paper and my article. Then on Tuesday, we went to Bayer for a field trip. We got to tour the building where they manufacture plastic materials. Then, we presented our posters, and people from Bayer were walking around and they would ask us about our posters. Yesterday, my article was due, so I was working on that like crazy. Then we got to meet five people that had been in the Project SEED fellowship a long time ago. My research paper is practically finished, all I have left to do is add one more graph and references. Today, our final blog challenge is due, so I'm currently working on that. That's all for now, see you later. :)

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