Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tag Team Blog Challenge

Hey guys, this is Ian and Mary and we're gonna rock your socks. We decided to combine our posts into one awesome post filled with magical adventures in the realms of chemistry.

This is Mary. She is a senior at North Catholic High School and is working with Dr. Jeffry Madura in his computational chemistry lab. On an average day, she is running jobs on the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid super computer. Although, it took a lot of trials and errors... especially a lot of errors, to get to where she is now. Throughout the past 8 weeks, Mary has started over approximately 17 times (we lost count). Her project is to model the effects of sodium and potassium chloride on glutamic acid. The reason for doing such a wonderful project is to study how proteins made up of glutamic acid will be effected by sodium and potassium chloride. As you can see in the picture, she loves to decorate her cubicle..and everyone else's for that matter. Now that Mary finally has everything working properly, she is analyzing data 24/7. In this particular picture, she is analyzing her 2.0M NaCl salt box after 30 nanoseconds of molecular dynamics.


This is Ian. He is also going to be a senior but he goes to Sewickley Academy. He is working with Ben Mogesa and Dr. Basu making synthetic bio-mimetic compounds. He is seen here making his copper (I) complex with dithione ligands. He is working in the glove box to be able to prevent oxygen from reacting with his compounds because it is filled with nitrogen. After making the compound, he dries it using a vacuum to suck out the liquid solvent and then can use the dried product. He can put it into different solvents and then analyze it using UV-Vis and Cyclic Voltammetry or he can use it dry to analyze it using IR. Ian also used copper (II) in his complex to study a different form of the complex.

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