Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Technology

This would be my computer- the iMac. It's a lot different than a PC, and i'm still learning the ropes on how to use it. This is my one and only piece of equipment for this summer. The capabilities of this computer are endless. It's amazing all the research one can do with the programs. There are several unique programs this computer is capable of running. The one I am learning to use right now is called Visual Molecular Dynamics, or VMD for short. With this program, you can upload proteins from the online protein database, and see what they look like in 3D. You are also able to physically see the difference between two proteins, something that is very important for my project. The graduate students are using this program to find the area between the spaces in the protein. As of right now, I am still running through the training for this program. I still have many similar programs like it to learn, like the Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics, and Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement. It has been such a learning experience so far with all of these programs. It is amazing to see the technology out there.This is a picture of a molecule I was using to get to know the program. It is known as Bovine. I still have yet to get a scale of the amino acid I will be using for my project, K2SO4 and NA2SO4. That is something I will attempt this afternoon.

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  1. Winner Mary, and in record time. Swag tomorrow or this afternoon if I have time.