Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Next Blog Contest

To keep the blog moving and full of quality content, periodically we are going to have small blog challenges for rewards. Our first challenge was to determine which SEED student would be the first to post pictures of their labs. Amanda won and received some sweet Duquesne University swag.

The next challenge is a little more difficult, so the reward will be a little better. The first student to interview two professors and post a summary of their responses will win. Dr. Aiken cannot be one of the professors. Your objective is to determine the path they took to get to a professorship at Duquesne. Include their whole story. Ask them about their high school experience, undergrad, and grad school. Ask them why they succeeded as a professional scientist, while others do not. Ask them what their biggest regret is. Ask them what their biggest accomplishment is. You get the idea. Be thorough and creative with your questioning. The best interview wins if more than one of you participates.

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