Monday, June 29, 2009

last week I used a UV-Vis machine to measure light absorbence in copper solutions. When I began doing this I didn't really see how it connected to my progect but after many long nights spent reading I discovered the numerous uses for UV machines, one of which being the ability to measure the rate of reaction. Today I did my first set of "real" kinetics ( I ran kinetics on the actual solution I'll be using in my project)!!! I was so excited... Then I got extremely nervous; it had only been a week, was I really ready? But Marielle (my awesome mentor) just gave me the measurements and said do what you did all last week. Ended up being much simpler, and now I'm really happy that we started working on the "real" kinetics right away because that means I'll have plenty of time and practice so that when the symposium comes around I'll be confident in my results.


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